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The government of Libya changed in 2011. The collapse of a thirty-year old regime paved the way for building a new future that is shared by all Libyans. There will be many chances for the people of Libya to reconstruct a sound economy, but the rebuilding process will require complex coordination of international rebuilding efforts.

As we move into 2012, different government agencies, for-profits, non-profits, and charities around the world will seek opportunities to help rebuild this country in northern Africa. It will take some caution as the country seeks to stabilize internally, but it is safer now than many months ago when people wanted to assist but did not know how to help.

If a government contractor wants to get involved, it might choose to go through its own international channels, including attending development conferences sponsored by its own government and partner countries. Another option is to develop business partnerships directly with organizations in Libya.

Websites set up by organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs, such as this website -- -- can help external entities, such as construction and supply companies, to identify what kinds of services are needed. Then those companies can come forward and bid on requests for proposals to meet Libyan needs for reconstruction.

It almost defies the imagination to describe the range of services that will be needed. Basic supplies for daily living are needed. For example, there will be a widespread need to improve the quality of healthcare, and facilities, albeit temporary or permanent, that are created to care for Libya's people will need a steady supply of medicines, medical equipment, and supplies.

There will also be other considerations, such as staffing oil production sites, building roads, and housing the people who will rebuild Libya. Oil production will be a key to funding redevelopment of this nation.

E-procurement represents a logical way to facilitate the procurement process, especially when working with foreign entities. Think about the many opportunities for redevelopment and the multiple levels of procurement that must be coordinated.

Within a nation under reconstruction there are many smaller units to be formed and supplied, including villages, towns, places of worship, schools, hospitals, and military facilities. There must also be places to house orphans and elderly without their own families.

Use this website to understand what kinds of services that the citizens of Libya require. Use our website to match what your business offers with the right people who need products and services.


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“Working together through e-procurement, we can rebuild Libya into a better place for all.”

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